Bat Mitzvah Portraits – Hannah

Posted on December 16th, 2014

So we love photographing “rights of passage” and we love to photograph this age group.  We have a very different perspective on this age, our goal is to find the true character of the young man or woman we photograph.  We want to document their personality.  Our portrait sessions are usually months before the big day where they can not only get used to being photographed but lets them relax.  We also suggest to go do something they love and be photographed doing that activity.  Most young girls do not like being photographed because they are so self conscious and can not see their true beauty! (we all can relate) After our sessions, we hope to give them the reality of their beauty.

Hannah was no different but I could not stop photographing her.  She is such a remarkable young woman with some much spunk and attitude.  Hannah’s happy place is the soccer field.  I loved the big bright yellow M on the green turf.  I hope she realized what a STRONG girl she is.  Beautiful inside and out.  Much love! Can not wait to see you on your big day!

hannah_port-6 hannah_port-20 hannah_port-47 hannah_port-136 hannah_port-142 hannah_port-148 hannah_port-157 hannah_port-162 hannah_port-171 hannah_port-178 hannah_port-222 hannah_port-230 hannah_port-234 hannah_portr-3