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Steve + Scott finally wed after 25 years together.

Posted on December 16th, 2014

I have know Steve for years. He actually did my hair at my wedding over 12 years ago.  We have become great friends and have worked together at a number of weddings and stylized shoots. As soon as it became legal in New Jersey, Steve started planning.  I really think this was a dream come true.  These two men have been together so long and when they say “for sickness and for health”, these two live it!
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My baby reveal

Posted on December 23rd, 2013

It does feel like a million years ago now that the baby is 15 months old. We had such a wonderful family experience finding out the gender of the baby and having it documented. I gave the envelope to Denise and she and Andrew set the whole thing up. The kids also created the box before handing it over the the team to go out and put the balloons in. Let’s just save that Dave was completely shocked that the balloons were blue!
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