I usually get a little winded when anyone asks me what I am doing with my life right now. I am a teacher in the public schools and have been developing a successful family/seniors photography business. I am also an active mom of two great kids under the age of eight.

Not to long ago I was approached to shoot a wedding. So, I made the long thought out phone call to Denise and a partnership began. I have always appreciated Denise’s eye in her photography and I feel that collaboration is the true path to creativity. Working with her has broadened my creative passion for what we are doing.

Since I have been teaching, I am very comfortable with all types of personalities. I allow people to be themselves without the realization that I am staging/directing the shot that I visualize. I tend to be the crazy one. I’ll climb up on the roof or lie down in a foot of snow to get them image. I love light and how it creates mood. I have attended workshops that emphasis on how the digital camera can create the images that I was able to make with my film camera and dark room.

My love for the darkroom and photography started back in High School and continued in college. I studied Art History and Photography. I love the idea that history can be told by the image. To me, art tells the story and I introduce history in my class by images of the time. This may be way I am so excited to document people’s “rites of passage,” I am giving a way to remember and cherish the story of their lives.


Denise Guerin received training in the classic realms of painting and drawing at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Her fine art background imparts a well-defined sense of space, composition, and color to her images.

Creating an environment that holds meaning for both subject and viewer, Denise fosters a sense of intimacy in her work. Her images convey a lyrical atmosphere which strikingly reveals the inspiration and core of her subjects, be it a fellow artists in a studio, a family sitting, or a musician connecting to their art.

Denise’s images have been featured in Rolling Stone, Elle, Philadelphia Magazine, and the marketing campaigns for major music labels such as Blue Note. Her work has represented emerging artists and corporations alike, illuminating their unique voice and identity.